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Missy P.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 1/5/2016

Dr.Dilo is the best!   I have chronic back pain and I visited Dr. Dilo and he used a procedure and really got it right.   He is so personable and will explain everything to you.   The pain hurt worse immediately after he finished, by later that day I was feeling so much better!   Pain was gone.   I could get in/out of the bed and turn over without pain in the bed.   Thank you Dr. Dilo!


B B.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 12/2/2015

I have had lower back "issues" for about 5 years.   I thought it just was part of the deal of being 50+ years old and an aging athlete.   Dr. Dilo worked on me for about an hour.   When he was done it hurt a lot more.   But about 15 minutes later a miracle happened.   The pain was 90% gone.   The first thing I noticed was that walking up stairs was pain free.   Then I noticed that sitting up, such as getting out of bed, was totally pain free.   I am eternally grateful... and more than just a little amazed.


Gail S.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 10/30/2015

Dr. Dilo is an amazing chiropractor!!    I work in a physical therapy clinic and I've never had to be adjusted (by a chiropractor) before, but after being involved in a car accident, I knew something was misaligned in my spine and knew only a chiropractor could help me with this issue.   After the accident, I woke up with a very stiff neck that persisted for days.   It was unbearable.   I went to Dr. Dilo and within 2 minutes of palpating my cervical and lumbar spine, he said  "Ah... you feel this here?"   And he rubbed a very tender part of my neck.   "Your C2 and C1 are like this" and he made hand gestures to explain to me all the AWKWARD things my neck and back were doing.  Throughout the session, he made about seven thorough but quick adjustments and he knew exactly how to maneuver me comfortably and easily.   We talked easily the whole time about the mechanics of my back and some life stuff.   As well as being a super knowledgeable chiropractor, I would say Dr. Dilo is also a great mentor.   Within a couple days after my spine was realigned and my muscles eased up, I felt completely better.   I will definitely be returning to him though, because I rock climb often and sometimes with car accidents, the bones will go back to where they were forced because of the accident.   It's easier than people realize to have back alignment issues.   If you go to Dr. Dilo, you'll get a very honest and fair assessment and adjustment of your body.   Try him!! Your body will thank you!


Lloyd W.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 9/11/2015

Thanks Dr. Dilo for squeezing me in to your tight schedule today.   After my Basketball injury this morning i could not even walk.   Now i feel so much better and enjoy my weekend.   Thanks to your healing hands.   My God Bless you with more wisdom and strength to do what you do long as you can. 

I know Dr. Dilo for more than 10 years. He is the best in the industry.   He got the experience and the power to heal.


Jackie G.

5/5 Stars

Hawthorne, CA

Reviewed 6/5/2015

Dr. Dilo is WONDERFUL !!   He took the time to do a complete and thorough adjustment AND massage.   I felt like a new woman! I've been to many chiropractors, and HE is the BEST!!


Kimberlee I.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 5/19/2015

There are no words to describe this man.   Not only does he have a good heart but he genuinely wants to heal people, he doesn't stop until ur fixed. He stays late, comes early, whatever it takes.   I've been going to chiro's for 15 something years, and this is it.   With each chiro change over the years I only felt a little better, first time I went to Dr. Dilo.. fixed and now he's my saving grace.   His prices are ridiculously reasonable and except insurance also.   Thank you Dr. Dilo for always fitting ne in and treating me so well.


Michelle M.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 5/12/2015

I was referred by a family member and couldn't be happier.    I had lower back pain for over a month and was having a hard time sleeping on my stomach and sides.   The Dr was very thorough explaining to me that I was suffering from a twisted pelvis.   I could feel relief instantly after treatment.   He is genuinely concerned for patients and so very personable.   I understand why clients return and refer to him. Quality service and super customer friendly!


Mir F.

5/5 Stars

Playa Del Rey, CA

Reviewed 4/29/2015

I have been seeing Dr. Dilo (at the unqualified recommendation of friends and neighbors) since experiencing real pain in my lower back, which moved to my knee and lower tract, making movement quite difficult.

His magic hands not only provide true healing, he actually explains what is going on -- the veil over the mystery of the body is lifted and you see what is happening and why.

I have such confidence in my treatment that my husband (who rarely takes my advice) has begun addressing a problem from years ago that seemed intractable.  We are both extraordinarily grateful to Dr. Dilo's intelligence and skill.  This is what Health Care should be and rarely is.  Thank you Doctor!

April M.

5/5 Stars

Torrance, Los Angeles

Reviewed 4/27/2015

I've been seeing Dr. Dilo on and off for 3 years.  I'm a dental hygienist so I suffer from back pain, neck pain, and sometimes hand pain.  Dr. Dilo took his time with me at each apt and made sure I felt all better before leaving.

Now I am 28 weeks pregnant and I've been seeing Dr. about once a week.  My hips keep getting messed up due to the loosening of joints during pregnancy.  It is very important to go to a chiropractor that knows how to properly treat pregnant patients or they could do harm to you or your baby.  Dr. Dilo is very careful and makes sure you are never in pain.  I completely trust him.  I always feel so much better after.  I wish I could get adjusted every day, because it feels that good to be aligned.

Sochin L.

5/5 Stars

Santa Monica, CA

Reviewed 4/24/2015

I have had lower back issues for as long as I can remember.  As a teen, I visited different doctors and chiropractors and none of them were able to assess what the issue was.  So, I just went through life being super protective of my back and accepted it as something I just had to live with.  Then, several years ago, I met Dr. Dilo.   Dr. Dilo is warm, friendly, and very dedicated to his profession.   Moreover, he is very knowledgeable and takes the time to educate me on what is going on with my body.   I really appreciate this about him because it helps me better maintain my body between visits.

In the past few years, I've taken up cycling (road and mountain).  With that comes regular wear and tear and, unfortunately, occasional spills.  Inevitably, my body comes out of alignment and I'm in pain.  Dr. Dilo has been very accommodating even when I call for appointment with short notice.  After my visit with him, I feel like a new person!   As another reviewer mentioned, Dr. Dilo has healing hands and magnetic smile.  :)

I know there are many qualified chiropractors out there.  However, what sets Dr. Dilo apart from any other doctor I have seen is that he GENUINELY cares about his patients' well-being.  You can't fake that.

Barbara M.

5/5 Stars

Santa Monica, CA

Reviewed 4/21/2015

I found Dr. Dilo in the area in an unusual way hunting on line.  He was adamant and so helpful in accepting my chiropractic coverage thru my insurance, which took some time and many I had tried did not.  I tried another company in west la and they charged a huge amount and didn't take my insurance coverage.  He was diligent.  I thank God for Dr. Dilo.  As I prayed for direction, I found Dr. Dilo.  I was experiencing severe balance and dizziness issues amongst other issues, walking for example, for a long while prior to seeing him.  At my job, my old office had no air, dirty carpet not cleaned, was there for years and having serious sinus issues and allergies, made them worse, also I was near grass daily highly allergic.  He has worked with me for over a year, with issues I had previously, and I have none of the symptoms I had prior to seeing him now!  I of course, see him regularly, for maintenance and again I thank God for directing me to Dr. Dilo, who being so gifted at his work, and just an overall wonderful person, he has absolutely blessed my life!  I am able to function 100% better than I did over a year ago.  He also handled treatment for me after a car accident last year where I jerked parts of my back and neck, and tensed up badly which affected my back.  Again, I AM sooooo much better!  Some of my male friends noticed that before I went to Dr. Dilo, I also had trouble just walking and doing stairs in particular.  They said “ 'wow' you are walking soooo much better".  Family and friends all noticed the difference as well and wondered what I was doing to get better.  I told them my chiropractor, Dr. Dilo, is my blessing from God!  What a great chiropractor, as I have seen others over the years, but he is the best by far!  If you have any issues, PLEASE GO TO DR. DILO, you will be soooooo glad you did!  It will bless your life and absolutely make you feel soooo much better with the adjustments, etc.   I THANK YOU DR. DILO, AND I AM SO GRATEFUL FOR YOU!!!!!!!!!!   An absolute blessing to my life and one of the nicest Drs.  I have ever met!   You always make your patients feel comfortable, and your explanations on the back and back issues are so important.   He is extremely knowledgeable.......I hope your practice increases 100 fold with patients!!!!!!  Just be sure I have my appointment spots! :-)   I again am so grateful. Thank you, bless you!!!!:-)

Sarah S.

5/5 Stars

St. Charles, MO

Reviewed 4/18/2015

Dr. Dilo is amazing.  He is really knowledgeable and you are in excellent care with his healing hands.  He is passionate about his work, taking care of you and treating you back to full health.  I recommend anyone in any form of pain to go to him, you will feel renewed and confident your issues are being fixed when you are with him.  The office and rooms are extremely clean and well kept as well. 

I give him 5 stars, and would give more if I could.


Carolina A.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 3/19/2015

I highly recommend Synergy. I walked into the office not knowing why my back was in so much pain and walked out feeling new.  My chiropractor explained to me what was going on every step of the way which was great since it has to do with my back.  I can honestly say I feel a lot better after my first visit, it was a great experience.  The office was clean, peaceful, great vibes and I've already recommended friends and family.


Ripple L.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 3/12/2015

For those of you want a quick review:   I have really bad back issues. L2-S1. Yes, that's four levels.  Dr. Dilo is very passionate about what he does.  He treated and still treats me while other chiropractors refuse to touch me due to liability.  5 Stars.  Really great.  Go see him.

For those of you who are looking for a more detailed review:   Due to my job as an Ocean Lifeguard, I’ve put my body through hell and back.  Many injuries including 1 back surgery (going in for second back surgery soon).  I’ve had a Micro-discectomy done in 2002 at L5/S1.  And now, I’m going in for double fusion at L4-S1.  I also have issues at L2/L3 and L3/L4 (opting out of getting those worked on since I’m only 39 years old).  My other option was a 4 level surgery (double fusion/double disk replacement).  2nd option would most likely put me in disability for the rest of my life. 

Up to this point, I’ve been working on non-surgical treatments hoping something would work.  But I and my doctors have come to the conclusion that nothing but surgery will help me get back some sort of good quality of life.  But during this process, I met Dr. Dilo.  I was referred to Dr. Dilo by an orthopedic surgeon.  Dr. Dilo was the one chiropractor out of ALL the well-rated chiropractors that actually decided to take me on and give me treatment.  I am very lucky to have found Dr. Dilo.

Dr. Dilo is a very kind and honest person who I believe is in this world to help people.  He is a visual learner and WILL help you to fully grasp and see what your issue is.  He takes his time and likes to get on a personal level, which I tend to like and feel more comfortable with.  With that being said, expect him to be a bit late on meeting your appointment time.  But I promise the wait isn’t bad at all compared to other docs.  Also, He has always been accommodating even when I call him out of the blue with lots of pain.

Dr. Dilo has been treating me for many months and has taught me so much about my physical issues.  He has brought much comfort into my life, physically and mentally, during my road towards surgery/recovery. 

For any of you who are experiencing neck/back pain, please do not hesitate to visit him.  Ultimately, we as the patient have the ability to choose who our treating physicians will be.  Dr. Dilo is a chiropractor you SHOULD NOT pass up.  Visit him and make up your mind for yourself.  I can assure you your body will thank you.

Thank you Dr. Dilo for your healing hands.


Clarita D.

5/5 Stars

Playa Del Rey, CA

Reviewed 1/31/2015

Dr Dilo is an excellent chiropractor.  I found him 3 years ago when I was suffering from chronic back and shoulder pains.  He changed my life.  He has healing hands.  Now he is treating my fiancé and he is also doing much better.  

Dr. Dilo truly cares for his patients.  He is wonderful both as a doctor and a human being.


Gabriel G.

5/5 Stars

Inglewood, CA

Reviewed 11/21/2014

Dr. Dilo is a great chiropractor.  I've been working with him for over 2 years now.  Would definitely recommend to anyone looking for a chiropractor!!


Araceli R.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 5/20/2014

Let me start by saying that I was terrified to come to a chiropractor.  My friend Blanca recommended that I try this place out after months of severe back pain from standing, walking, laying down  ...pretty much anything I decided to invest in myself.

I was at the point where I could not lift my legs up, struggled to get up from doing sit ups or laying down, had a lot of pain on my feet in the morning.... and huge ball like shapes on my neck.... 

I LOVE THIS PLACE! !!!  After being adjusted I can lift my legs, no pain on my feet in the morning, the ball shapes on my neck are gone and I can move more without pain. 

I feel that I need go one more time to fully be back to myself.  But I have seen a huge difference in my body's movement and capabilities.

Thank you...

We just started working on my mom and I hope to see some changes in her as well.  I will report back soon. 

Great customer service as well.


Jean F.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 9/22/2012

The Best personalized Chiropractic service I have ever had!  It's a family affair we all go and he puts us back on track can't live without my visit.  I feel Fabulous from head to toe!  Can't wait for my next visit.  Luv me some Dr. Dilo!!!!!


Susi S.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 9/17/2012

I've been a patient there for 5 years and still bless the day that someone told me about Dr. Dilo.  He's very friendly, explains well what he does and why.  The practice is clean, ample parking around.  I've had specific requests on how I want to be treated and Dr. Dilo was happy to oblige.  He is happy to help and happy when he succeeds.  Go see him!


Gary S.

5/5 Stars

Los Angeles, CA

Reviewed 6/13/2012

I have been going to Dr. Dilo for over 5 years on and off again, I always receive excellent service and I sent my Dad to him for an adjustment.


Donna M.

5/5 Stars

Redondo Beach, CA

Reviewed 5/23/2013

I have been seeing Dr. Dilo for about 6 months.  He is the most unique Dr. I have ever met.  He is the most caring, approachable, knowledgeable and wonderful Dr. I have ever seen.  He is so passionate about his work and helping his patients and truly derives joy from seeing improvements.  I would recommend him to anyone who has an injury or even for routine adjustments to keep you physically healthy.  Go see him!



7 Reviews from Wellness.com

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5/5 Stars


June 04, 2013

Did this provider seem well-trained and experienced?   Absolutely, they were an expert!

Did this provider ever take personal phone calls while in the appointment room with you?   No, they've never taken personal calls with me

Does this provider have helpful information available online?   Yes

Does the chiropractor customize their treatment to meet the needs of your specific condition?   Definitely! They customized their treatment for my condition, and it was very effective

Does this provider always take that extra step to make you feel special?   Absolutely, they always make me feel like I'm their only patient.



5/5 Stars


March 07, 2012

Did you feel like your pain was lessened after your chiropractic treatment?   Yes, I felt better than I've felt in years when I left!

Did this provider answer all of your questions?   Every question I had was answered thoroughly

Was this provider's staff friendly?   Yes, they went above and beyond

Did you leave the office feeling satisfied with your visit?   Completely!



5/5 Stars


February 06, 2012

Did you feel like your pain was lessened after your chiropractic treatment?   Yes, I felt better than I've felt in years when I left!



5/5 Stars

IP: XXX.XXX.178.81

November 07, 2011

Would you recommend this chiropractor to others?   Yes

Is this business handicap-accessible?   Yes, it was handicap-accessible

Was the waiting area spacious?   Yes

Did this provider ever postpone your appointment?   Not at all! They always try to get me in as soon as possible

Did this chiropractor explain your treatment method before performing your adjustment?   Yes, they explained it in-depth



5/5 Stars

IP: XXX.XXX.58.49

September 19, 2011

Dr. Dilo really paid a lot of attention to my problem areas, which is the reason I went. Not only that, he was very thorough and found some other areas that were less troublesome (and so I didn't mention them) and I felt relief there, too. Dr. Dilo completely eliminated my need for pain medication and enhanced my overall well-being.



5/5 Stars

IP: XXX.XXX.178.81

September 13, 2011

Were you able to relax during your appointment?  Yes, I was completely at ease

Does the chiropractor customize their treatment to meet the needs of your specific condition?  Definitely! They customized their treatment for my condition, and it was very effective

Was this provider's office clean?  Yes everything was neat and sterile

Did this provider seem irritated to be working with you?  Not at all, they were glad to help me with anything I needed



5/5 Stars

 IP: XXX.XXX.149.177

June 6, 2011

Does this provider leave you on hold for a long time when you call?  No, they are really great about answering the phone right away

Was there annoying music playing while you waited or during your visit?  No, there was no annoying music

Was this provider's office too loud?  Not at all, it was very peaceful and quiet

Did this provider show attention to detail?  Absolutely! They are always very careful and meticulous



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Pantera Cor de Rosa 

Reviewed 07/28/2008

I have never had a Chiropractor as good as Dr. Dilo.  He is thorough and explains everything so there are no surprises or unknowns.  He greets you with a smile and takes the extra steps to be sure not only the problem area is corrected but the cause as well.  I highly recommend him!  He even treated my 8 year old son when he had a pain we could not seem to get rid of.



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 5/5 Stars

Punctuality 5/5

Helpfulness 5/5

Knowledge 5/5

Reviewed 7/22/2007


My doctor is professional, yet friendly and kind and very conscientious about his care and treatments.  He helps me a lot with my problems.  He spends plenty of time with me and helps me resolve my health problems, and aches and pains.  He also teaches me how to avoid and prevent future problems.  He also teaches me how to do quick and easy fixes to minimize the effects of stress from work or normal daily activities.  He is definitely the best doctor and a friend who cares and most of the time does whatever it takes to help me.  I could not recommend anyone better.